My Story

My Story

Welcome to Money and Image! If you have found your way to this article, chances are you have an interest in personal finances or personal fitness.  My name is Ian and I am the “Image” portion of this website. Here at Money and Image we believe you need to work on both your financial wealth as well as your physical wealth when trying to live a rich and prosperous life!

My story has been impacted by attempting to become as “wealthy” as possible in these areas.  The physical aspect did not always come easy to me. As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I always am working with high level athletes but at times, you tend to neglect yourself.  After working hard for a few years, I realized that I was no longer happy with the way I looked or felt. I decided that I was going to make a change. I decided to use the advice that I had been giving athletes for years on myself. Healthy eating habits and a daily exercise routines were just a few things that I put into practice.  Many years (and certifications) later, I feel great and want to empower others to become physically “wealthy” like I have.

While I shifted the focus to my physical health, I didn’t realize how financially “unhealthy” I had become.  Like most, student loan debt is a huge part of the financial strain that I feel, but this was only the beginning of what I would soon learn from the “Money” portion of this site. It was finally meeting Meggie that I realized just how much help I needed when it came to finances.  I was spending in excess of what I was bringing in on a monthly basis. I had the mindset that I would always have debt and that it was just a part of being an adult. I even reached out to financial professionals without realizing how that may have set me back even more. I continue to learn and look to improve both my financial and physical wealth and look forward to sharing real life knowledge and stories so that YOU can learn from my mistakes and begin your own journey to become both physically and financially wealthy!

The focus of the physical aspect of this website will be tips, tricks and ideas to help you become more physically fit.  We will debunk may myths out in the fitness industry as well as offering real life examples of how to succeed with whatever fitness goal you may have.  Be on the lookout for new content every week as we start the journey to physical (and financial) wealth together!

Ian is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and all around active person. Comment below to ask questions, give feedback or interact with him!