8 weeks down, 44 to go

It’s been two whole months since I started this journey and there are a few things that I have experienced since my last update. Let me breakdown a few of the things that I have noticed since starting my year of no alcohol. I’ll continue to look at it in three different perspectives.


If you want to lose body fat or see your abdominals, stop drinking, it has been that easy. While I did not take a “before” picture, if I did, you would notice that there is some more muscle definition that I had previously. This was not a goal of mine and I have not changed up my training significantly. Having a “6 pack” has never happened for me nor has it ever been a goal of mine, but I have noticed more definition in this area as well. Just a happy side effect of this process. I have noticed that I am getting a better quality workout in since I haven’t been drinking. Even if I was only having a few drinks, the next day, my workout may suffer and I have not felt this as much recently.


My friends have started to get used to the fact that I have not had a beer with them. Most don’t even ask anymore or they will offer me some alternative. There are still many members of my family and other friends that I have not discussed this with but it will continue to sound very similar to all of the other times I’ve had to explain this “challenge” I have not gone out of my way to tell most people, but if it does come up I am happy to tell them about it. Tea and Kombucha have become staples of my nighttime drinking routine which has been a great transition when having a craving for something other than water. The item that I find myself asking for when I am at a bar is ginger beer. It makes me feel like I am still apart of the crowd with the color of the drink, and I don’t get as many looks as if I just order a water.


The savings when eating out are still very noticeable. It still amazes me how much cheaper a dinner out with friends can be when you don’t order a drink. We will split a bill and it’s the first thing I notice when I see our cost versus our friend’s bill. The daily savings may not be quite so obvious. While it has been a good excuse to use up some tea that we have had in the pantry for a while, Kombucha is not a whole lot cheaper than buying a 6 pack from the store. I actually feel that the cost to drink from home can be cheaper depending on your drink of choice. The combination of Kombucha, tea and ginger beer is comparable to drinking cheap beer from home. I am a big water fan and continue to drink that a vast majority of the time, but when I want something different it has been nice to have some other options.

Two months in and I am still going strong. As we start to come out of the winter here in NY, I imagine it will begin to be more difficult to not enjoy a nice cold beer by the lake or fire. Vacations will be the biggest test so far, continue to look for monthly updates to see my progress towards this year of not drinking. Continue to send me encouragement on Instagram @moneyandimage!